The Fourth Sunday of Easter

April 25, 2021 at St. Peter the Apostle & St. William Parish in Naples, FL

Acts 4, 8-12 + Psalm 118 + 1 John 3, 1-2 + John 10, 11-18

2:45pm Saturday St William Church in Naples, FL

As we near the end of this Easter Season, there is no longer time nor any excuse for facing the dark reality that gave us this joyful season. It’s time to think about, reflect upon, and hear about death, which is challenge when these verses are turned into romantic ideas about a sweet and gentle shepherd. This is a shepherd who talks about laying down his life. In plain language. He’s talking about death.

This is something many will go to any extent to avoid. … more »

The Third Sunday of Easter

April 18, 2021 at St. William Parish in Naples, FL

Acts 3, 13-15, 17-19 + Psalm 4 + 1 John 2, 1-5 + Luke 24, 35-48

4:30pm Saturday at St William Church in Naples, FL

There are only three more verses to Luke’s Gospel. We’re at the end, but as with most endings, it is really the beginning. What begins now is another revealing story of God’s love and mercy. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John have given the world their story. Now it is ours to tell for that is what Jesus has to say in this, his final appearance before the Ascension. The old gospels are a good start. They tell us what to look for, and they give some images with which to work as we respond to what is really more than a request. … more »

The Second Sunday of Easter

Sunday of Divine Mercy

April 11, 2021 at St. Peter the Apostle & St. William Parish in Naples, FL

Acts 4, 32-35 + Psalm 118 + 1 John 5, 1-6 + John 20, 19-31

11:00am Sunday at St. William Church in Naples, FL

An excerpt from St. Faustina’s Diary says it well: “Help me, O Lord, that my eyes may be merciful, so that I may never suspect or judge from appearances, but look for what is beautiful in my neighbors’ soul and come to their rescue.”

Our Church has declared this day to be the Sunday of Divine Mercy, and with memories of Easter still fresh in our minds, we pick up the Gospel of John almost where we left off last week to reflect upon what God is doing among us and to express our gratitude for the gift of God’s Mercy. … more »

The Resurrection of the Lord

April 4, 2021 at St. Peter the Apostle & St. William Parish in Naples, FL

Acts 10, 34, 37-43 + Psalm 118 + Colossians 3, 1-4 + John 20, 1-9

8:00am Easter Sunday at St Peter the Apostle in Naples, FL

There was an empty tomb, that’s for sure, and nobody seems to have denied it. For some there was no Christ to be found, yet for those whose testimony we hear today and, in the weeks, to come, there seems to be no doubt that he has risen from the dead. The change that came over those witnesses is unmistakable. After fifty days, at Pentecost, what came over them is nothing less than astounding. They had come to realize that while he had departed from them he had returned to them in their hearts. … more »