The First Sunday of Advent at St Peter and St William Churches in Naples, FL

Isaiah 2, 1-5 + Psalm 122 + Romans 13, 11-14 + Matthew 24, 37-44

November 27, 2016 at St Peter and St William Churches in Naples, FL

Did you get that first line of this Gospel Proclamation today?  “As it was in the days of Noah” it read. Jesus presumes that everyone knows how it was in the days of Noah. Knowing that is essential to knowing what Jesus is talking about. What is described there is people eating and drinking marrying and being given in marriage. That seems like normal behavior. Yet what it also says is that the earth was corrupt and full of lawlessness. Again, not meaning to sound cynical, but nothing much has changed: normal stuff! … more »

The 34th and Final Sunday of Ordinary Time: Christ the King at St Peter and St William Churches in Naples, FL

2 Samuel 5, 1-3 + Psalm 122 + Colossians 1, 12-20 + Luke 23, 35-43

November 20, 2016

Today tells us as much about the Kingdom as it does about the King, and I think it is important to focus on that Kingdom while reflecting upon this King we have come to honor and adore. This is a king who redefines what true authority in this world really is. This is a king who has refused all riches common to leaders of this world. This is king who uses the language of mercy and forgiveness rather than the language of commands and judgements. This is a king who has come to serve rather than be served. This is a king then who has established his reign through the power of love rather than the power of the sword. … more »

The 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time at St Peter and St William Churches in Naples, FL

Malachi 3, 19-20 + Psalm 98 + 2 Thessalonians 3, 7-12 + Luke 21, 5-19

November 13, 2016

Personally I take no comfort in the words: “Not a hair of your head will be harmed.” That’s not working for me these days. So, let’s move on to talk of endurance. That makes more sense, because here again we have Jesus talking around and not directly answering a question. They ask, “When?” He talks about things already happening. He talks of signs, but not of the end. He talks of persecutions, even within families, but says that these come way before the end. He talks of endurance, but never says how long we must endure and for what. So we can get all caught up in these signs with our imaginations and miss the point failing to notice what God is doing for us. … more »

The 32nd Sunday of Ordinary Time at St Peter and St William Churches in Naples, FL

2 Micah 7, 1-2 9-14 + Psalm 17 + 2 Thessalonians 2, 16-3, 5 + Luke 20, 27-38

November 6, 2016 at St Peter and St William Churches in Naples, FL

In my personal reflection on this Gospel text, I find it interesting that Matthew, Mark, and Luke report this same incident, which means that they were all being asked this question and were dealing with a response. What is most curious is that in all of my 49 years as priest I can’t remember any time when anyone asked me about this. I suspect it is simply because most people in our day and age do not even give much thought to the future, to what comes after death, and what it all means. … more »

The Solemnity of All Souls at St Peter Church in Naples, FL

November 2, 2016 Outdoor Mass at the Parish Columbarium

Wisdom 3, 1-6, 9 + Psalm 27 + Revelation 21, 1-5, 6-7 + Luke 7, 11-17

Feed the Hungry. Give drink to the thirsty. Clothe the naked. Bury the dead. Shelter the traveler. Comfort the sick. Free the imprisoned. These are the Corporal Words of Mercy that describe God’s people. Six of these works come from the parable of the last judgement in Matthew 25. Where there is a description of how God’s mercy will be given to those who have been merciful. “When did I see you”, goes each of the verses. However, this work of mercy stands alone which is perhaps why it is given a day of its own in our yearly celebration of feasts and grace. … more »