The Twenty-Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time September 28, 2014 St Ann Church Fairview, OK St Anthony of Padua Church OKeene, OK St Thomas Church Seiling, OK

Saint Ann, Fairview + Saint Anthony, Okeene + Saint Thomas, Seiling, OK

 Ezekiel 18, 25-28 + Psalm 25 + Philippians 2, 1-11 + Matthew 21, 28-32

It is the day after the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem when he had gone straight to the Temple and disrupted the business there. Matthew tells us that he spent the night in Bethany and then returned the next morning to the Temple where he was teaching. The authorities storm up to him demanding to know by what authority and power he had behaved that way. They are angry and defensive. So they go on the offense in their confrontation with Jesus trying to make him defensive. It does not work. Calmly he responds with this parable. … more »

The Twenty-Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time September 21, 2014 At Sea MS Westerdam

MS Westerdam at Sea

 Isaiah 55, 6-9 + Psalm 145 + Philippians 1, 20-24, 27 + Matthew 20, 1-16

Today we open chapter 20. In the chapter before Matthew moves Jesus from Galilee back to Judea where great crowds are still following. With our Gospel today the location is the same, but a new topic comes up when Peter asks how God will reward our sacrifices. The apostles are promised a glorious role in the age to come. Then Jesus expands the idea of rewarding sacrifice by saying that all who sacrifice family relationships or property for the sake of Jesus will be rewarded extravagantly which levels the playing field in a sense by reminding the twelve that they are not to think they are special since everyone will receive a great reward. … more »

The Twenty-third Sunday of Ordinary Time September 14, 2014 St Joseph Old Cathedral, Oklahoma & Saint Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City, Ok


Saint Joseph Old Cathedral & Saint Anthony Hospital

 Numbers 21, 4-9 + Psalm 78 + 2 Philippians  2, 6-11 + John 3, 13-17

Nicodemus is a man in the Gospel who has fascinated me for years. His conversations with Jesus are profound and deeply personal efforts to come to life and to faith. He takes risks and is willing to challenge his secure life style by asking important questions. He is open to something new when it is unexpected and comes out of nowhere challenging his old ways of thinking and acting. In many ways he is a model of seekers everywhere and especially those we now call “candidates” and “catechumens” in RCIA. One of the things about him and the way John presents him in the Gospel is that he comes to Jesus in the night, and then suddenly he show up in the day. … more »

Twenty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time – September 7, 2014

Ezekiel 33, 7-9 + Psalm 95 + Romans 13, 8-10 + Matthew 18, 15-20

In a world that believes itself to be without sin, these are verses of the Bible to be passed over quickly or studied as a curious method that the early church used for keeping the peace and restoring harmony. In our times, sin is usually something others are guilty of. We see it with horror in the violence of the Middle East. At home we are quick to reduce sin to crimes that deserve justice through the court system which of course does not often mean justice nearly as much as it means punishment. If we take a personal look at our lives, relationships and attitudes, we brush them aside with the excuse that we have issues but stop short of calling them sins. … more »