The Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time at St. Peter & St. William Churches in Naples, FL

The Twenty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time September 10, 2017

Ezekiel 33, 7-9 + Psalm 95 + Romans 13, 8-10 + Matthew 18, 15-20

St Peter the Apostle & St William Churches in Naples, FL

In listening to and understanding these verses, it is absolutely necessary to know that the verses immediately before these instructions in Chapter 18 tell the story of the lost sheep with that heartfelt description of the shepherd who goes looking. That story begins with these words: “See that you do not despise one of these little ones.” With that introduction, Jesus goes on to tell about the man with 100 sheep who leaves 99 to find 1 that has wandered off, and then describe what joy there is when he returns with the lost one. … more »

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary at St Peter & St William Parishes in Naples, FL

The Assumption of the Virgin Mary – August 15, 2017

Revelation 11, 19, 12, 1-6 + Psalm 45, + 1 Corinthians 15, 20-27 + Luke 1, 39-56

St Peter and St William Parishes in Naples, FL

This is a feast of Hope for those of us who would reach deeply into the meaning of the Assumption and draw from the Virgin we honor today one of the lessons she teaches us. One of the ancient symbols of hope for artists is the anchor; that saving instrument of ships tossed around by the wind and waves on a stormy sea. When sailors throw the anchor and it grabs the solid sea floor it promises safety to the endangered crew.

This contrast of images between the stable sea floor and the wind and waves above is a creative way of exploring the hope that we are invited to celebrate and enjoy today. … more »

Alaska on the Amsterdam

Day 3 Tuesday June 9, 2015

Sailing the Tracy Arm

This remarkable day began with sunrise at 4:30 am. No one should even think I know this except that I read it on the Ship Television channel. However, this is really the day I was waiting for, and there was no disappointment what so ever. Thirty-three people were at Mass, and I treated myself to Breakfast in the elegant La Fontaine Dining room with linen and no children. Already by that time we were approaching the Tracy Arm named after a Secretary of the Interior at the time of Teddy Roosevelt at the time this rain forest was declared a National Forest. A true Fiord formed ages ago by the glacier we were about see rises up sharply from the water edge, and the fiord narrows as we moved deeper. … more »

Tuesday, February 24

Tuesday, February 24

A 300 mile day, but not on foot, don’t get excited. On foot it was only 2.8 miles. This was the “road trip” day from Paris to Amboise in the Loire Valley. Nicole driving, me in the right seat, Jim and Jean in the back. After we missed the third exit speeding past Orleans, I took the phone as GPS and began giving directions. We had a few showers coming and going, and the wipers were like sticks of wood dragging on the windshield. That fact coupled with a driver who badly needs a cataract removed provided for a breath-taking ride. Coming home in the dark was even more thrilling. During lunch we bought a bottle of water and filled the windshield water reservoir in the car, but given the condition of the wiper blades, it made little difference! … more »

2002 December 22 The 4th Sunday of Advent at St Mark Church in Norman, OK

The 4th Sunday of Advent at St Mark the Evangelist Church in Norman, OK

December 22, 2002

2 Samuel 7: 1-5, 8-12, 14-16 + Romans 16: 25-27 + Luke 1:26-38

The prophet and the evangelist combine on Advent’s last Sunday to lead us at last to Christmas. Nathan, the prophet mediates a conversation between God and David through which we may consider the mysterious divine purpose that has been operative since David was taken as shepherd boy to be commander of God’s people. It will climax in keeping Israel safe from its enemies and in the establishment of a lasting house for the line of David. All is now well for Israel. The enemies have been defeated – Goliath has fallen. … more »

2002 December 1 The 1st Sunday of Advent at St Mark Church in Norman, OK

The 1st Sunday of Advent at St Mark the Evangelist Church in Norman, OK

December 1, 2002

Isaiah 63:16-17, 19; 64:2-7 + 1 Corinthians 1:3-9 + Mark 13:33-37

We have a remarkable guide through most of this season of Advent. Editors of the sacred texts call him “Isaiah”, but the book of the Bible using that name covers more than a single lifetime. “Isaiah” then is a collection of texts not a person. This anonymous writer of chapter 63 will lead us for Advent’s first three Sundays, and then we shall turn to the work called Samuel to prepare ourselves for the coming feast and celebration of God’s Holy Incarnation. Not knowing his name does not mean that we shall not come to know a lot about him. … more »

2002 November 28 Thanksgiving Day at St Mark Church in Norman, OK

Thanksgiving Day at St Mark the Evangelist Church in Norman, OK

November 28, 2002

Sirach 30:22-24 + 1 Corinthians 1:3-9 + Luke 17:11-19

There are some strange details in this text that should raise our curiosity and by doing so, should lead us to what is revealed by the Luke in this wonderful, familiar story. The Samaritan lived outside the requirements of Judaism. He did not and should not have gone to the priest, which was required by the laws of Judaism. The law required in Leviticus 14 required that anyone cleansed could return to normal life with the certification. What the others did was not out of the ordinary. By their obedience to the command of Jesus, they simply did what the law required. … more »