Paris on Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Another adventure begins. I’m not sure I will post every day for the next 13 days, but this report/post will at least let you know another visit to Paris has begun. The “Buddy Pass” System does not always work smoothly. I had planned to meet Fr Jim Hackett in Minneapolis for a Delta flight to Paris yesterday; but the flight to Minneapolis was over sold, so I rushed around a bought a ticket to Louisville on Thursday night meeting Jim to fly on to Minneapolis on a flight that had plenty of seats. On this trip there were no available seats in First Class, but with 78 empty in the rear, I had no one in my row. While it was perfectly routine flight, I did not sleep more than thirty minutes, so we are weary travelers.

Nicole picked us up at the airport, and those who know of her driving will not be surprised to hear that we had an accident in the airport parking garage that made the morning all the longer as insurance information was shared. She ran a stop sign and hit someone crossing in front of her. There were several near misses as we came on through the city. I think Jim had his eyes closed most of the time. We drove in the bus lane, made four “U” turns, and were shouted at several times. I learned some new vocabulary words.

The apartment at 20 Rue Cherche Midi was all ready, and after a grocery shopping expedition and a stop at one of my favorite Bistrots for a late lunch, we are calling it quits for the day. It has rained lightly, and it’s about 45 degrees.  More tomorrow.2014.02.14 Living Room 20 Cherche Midi

Father Tom Boyer