Thursday, January 8, 2014

Thursday, January 8, 2014

There wasn’t much of a crowd at “Non Surgical Face Lift”. I didn’t really go. I seems to me that the best face lift is just a smile, and it does not even take ten minutes. So I’m not sure what Thelma and Louise did all morning because I missed them at breakfast. Since the wake up system on the phone was “challenged”, the cabin steward came by to wake me for Mass. The rest of the morning for me was spent reading in a lounge chair up in the crows nest where the view is spectacular all the way to the horizon. Calm sea and no wind made for a very smooth sailing day. After lunch I found Thelma and Louise playing their dice game at the big Lido pool which was unexpectedly closed for cleaning the middle of a hot afternoon because there are too many children – small ones. The Captain addressed us all with barely disguised disgust suggesting that some do not seem to know the difference between the toilet and the swimming pool. You didn’t really need to know that, but it explains why there are so many people at the smaller outdoor pool on the aft Lido Deck.

While I was having lunch there was a “code” called that indicated a medical emergency, so I went to the designated area to find an older gentleman being rushed to the Medical Center. From the look of things I suspected dehydration and that was the eventual diagnosis. I sat with his family for a while to keep them from crowding into the little exam room.

Then it was back to reading till I met Norma, Judy, Karen and Gordon Armstrong from Canada who have joined us every day in the Crows Nest for Happy Hour and for supper. There is not much else to report since I did not attend the Ice Carving demonstration, the “Detox for Health and Weight Loss”, or the “Grand Finale Art Auction.” Detoxing would probably have done me some good since I’m still not feeling too great after the flu experience at Christmas week, and I have had no speaking voice at all since about December 30. There is another performance of “Dancing With the Stars at Sea” tonight, but after the usual four course dinner, I’m in for the night early. Notice the larger crowd than usual at the Lido aft pool while the larger pool was closed for sanitation!

 15.01.08 Crows nest with Armstrongs15.01.08 At Sea Day on Lido Deck Pool

Father Tom Boyer