Monday, January 5, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2014 Grand Turk Island

A warm Caribbean day at an island named after a cactus. Imagine that, and look at the picture I’ve provided of the Cactus that many think looks like a Turkish “Fez.” We shared the Island with another ship as you can see which is typical for this season. There is no income tax, property tax nor sales tax in this British Colony. The only income comes from the “head tax” of cruise ship passengers and import taxes. 5,500 people live on the island, and it is the second largest population of the island chain.

We did not exactly rush off the ship, but after a leisurely breakfast we hired a taxi for two hours and drove the seven mile length of the island to the Light House at the northern end where a dangerous reef extends out quite a long way into the sea. Many ship wrecks in the 18th and 19th century. The light house was built in 1851 after mariners threatened to avoid the island entirely. The original lenses and mechanical works of the light are on display in the quaint museum that has many artifacts from a wreck that is possibly one of ships from the fleet Columbus sailed in 1492.

While I dozed off to sleep reading by the Lido pool in the afternoon, Norma and Judy planned to go to “Cupcake Tea”, but they never made it. I noticed that there was a class on “Instant Facial Rejuvenation” then dozed off the sleep again. Too late for me.

Seventeen showed up for Mass at 5:00 and then dinner in the main dining room tonight  was followed by an Illusionist show in the Vista Lounge. The magician had a six year old from the audience help him with a few routines, and the kid stole the show. The real trick of the night was watching the Illusionist try to keep control of the situation. The clocks get set forward an hour tonight, so with 8:00 a.m. Mass tomorrow I’m down for the night while I think Thelma and Louise retired to sit on their veranda. Lots of wind tonight pushing up some bigger waves, so the ship is rolling more than before; but not enough for those little white boxes to appear in the public areas.

Tomorrow is “Epiphany” in Puerto Rico, and we are told to expect crowds in the old part of San Juan with parades and many people in the streets. It should make for fun.15.01.05 Grand Turk Cactus 15.01.05 Grand Turk Pier 2 ships 15.01.05 Grand Turk North shore15.01.05 Grand Turk Pier and the 3 of us.

Father Tom Boyer