Alaska on the Amsterdam Week 2

Day 14 June 20, 2015


Late sleeping as the clocks are turned back to Pacific Daylight Time was the first order of the day with nothing much to do but read and write (homilies for later in the summer). I had lunch down below in the “Crew Mess” where the food is plentiful but a bit more spiced up to the taste of Asians who staff most of the departments on the ship. It was a time for some farewells with crew members and entertainers with whom I have spent the last 14 days. A couple of cards and gifts for the stewards who have helped me are addressed, and there was even an initial effort at packing that distracted me for awhile. However it is very sunny, fairly warm, and much too delightful outside to sit in a windowless cabin. Then at 2:30 we entered a very thick fog, and for sometime the “fog horn” was blasting away. While there is every reason to trust radar and all the electronics, the sound of the horn is a reminder that we are not the only ship out here, and every now and then the sound of another horn in the distance keeps everyone alert. It was also obvious that ship slowed down. I don’t like the fog.

At the Vigil Mass this afternoon we had about 45 who were a good group of singers! Fr Joe and I were off the ship and walking into the center of Victoria by 6:45, and it was a beautiful sunny evening with temps in the low 60s. Five miles worth of walking exploration along the bay, Chinatown, the Museum, through the Empress Hotel gardens and Lobby, and finally a look at the Parliament Building just as the lights came on. Of course there was an obligatory stop at the Irish Pub I found last week. I finally found out who is on the top of the dome. Vancouver who sailed with Captain Cook is the golden figure up on the top. He was the first to sail all they way around Vancouver Island which is larger than the England! I didn’t know that until today. This is nearly the longest day and shortest night, and that is obvious with there being plenty of evening light now at 10:30. We sail out of here at Midnight, and it is a short trip to Seattle. This is the final report for this trip. Tomorrow will not be much fun with flights from Seattle to Phoenix and then on to Oklahoma City getting in at 11:30 pm. Next week I will be on a road trip to Indiana, and I may post some news from that along the way.

06:20:15 Victoria at Centennial Park Fountain 06:20:15 Victoria Parlament Lights 06:20:15 Victoria Joe at the Fountain 4 06:20:15 Victoria Evening Light at the Pier with Ships

Father Tom Boyer