Alaska on the Amsterdam Week 2

Day 13 June 19, 2015


It was a brief call at the Port of Ketchikan and the usual array of T Shirt Shops and Jewelry Shops about sums it up. There is a “Lumber Jack” Show that attracts people whose cheers can be heard all through downtown. Ketchikan is all about Salmon Fishing. There are plenty of fishing boats to suggest that, and a hatchery. When I was here in September the Salmon were “running” up the creek, making for quite a site; but this is not the right time. So if emeralds, soap stone carvings, totems, furs, or smoked salmon in vacuum bags is not your thing, there are several wonderful walking trails, and today’s sunshine made that all perfect. Four Miles! We sailed out at 12:30 with a huge crowd of people standing in line around the Lido pool for “Brats and Beer.” As much as I like “Brats and Beer”, you will not find me standing in a line. In fact, standing in line to eat on a ship like this is ridiculous and hardly necessary. As Fr Joe finished Mitchner’s “Alaska” this afternoon, I worked on some homilies for the future. An Irish Sing Along filled up the piano bar at 7:00, and we were there full voiced. On the way to dinner the wake of the ship made quite an impression as we roared along at 18nm per hour. With more than 500 to go overnight and through tomorrow, we’re moving along! One whale sighting livened things up just after I noticed the wake, but those whales are too fast for my camera.

06:19:15 Amsterdam Wake

Wake of the MS Amsterdam in the North Pacific

06:19:15 Ketchikan Park

Ketchikan City Park Fountain

Father Tom Boyer