Alaska on the Amsterdam Week 2

Day 8 June 14, 2015


Now begins a repeat of last week’s cruise. Father Jacobi from Holy Spirit Parish in Mustang, OK boarded the Amsterdam as passenger. It is his first time on a cruise ship. For me the day went by quickly. I did the “meet and greet” routine at the entrance from 11:00 am till 2:00 when Fr Joe boarded, we had some lunch with a quick look around the ship. We were just about to take a look at a rehearsal for tonight’s entertainment in the Queen’s Lounge when a lady walked up and wanted to go in with us. She is on board with her 16 year old son who is very interested in Theater and Dance. So I arranged for her son to meet one the cast members I have become acquainted with. Graciously the 23 year old singer and dancer who has more than his share of talent came out after the show and spent 45 minutes talking with this young passenger then inviting him to come to the technical rehearsal tomorrow at noon.

The movie tonight was “McFarland USA” with Kevin Costner. Neither of us had seen the film, so after Mass at 5:00, the Interdenominational Service at 6:00, we had dinner in Lido and then enjoyed the film very much. I have just finished with the second Mass for the day, the 11:30 pm Mass for the Crew, and I will get this out to assure you that I’m still here, that Fr Jacobi made it aboard, and that we are sailing smoothly out of Puget Sound heading again for Alaska. Not much photography today, and I’m not sure how much there will be in the days to come. Here below is proof that I actually here, the look at the “Sail Away” party, and finally tonight’s sunset was remarkable. The most unusual purple settled onto the hills as we we moved along.

Sorry, but the other two pictures I wanted to post will not upload – at least not fast enough with this satellite connection, and I am waisting minutes trying to do it. Maybe tomorrow the band width might be grater. Or, it might a problem with this web page hosting – at any rate. I’m out for the night and fed up with Word Press and this feed.

06:14:15 Seattle Sailing out again

06:14:15 Seattle Sunset on Puget Sound 06:14:15 Seattle Sail way party

Father Tom Boyer