Alaska on the Amsterdam

 Ketchikan Day 6

After six days on this looking around, walking around, and eating around, I decided to see if there were any “abs” on this ship. The 7:30 am Fitness Class entitled, “Fab Abs” was my first goal of the day. I made it, and guess what? Not even the “trainer” had “Fab Abs”. Maybe sometime in the past, maybe some time in the far off future, but there are no “abs” on this ship. The only possibility might have come from some of the teens, but believe me, they are not up and around at 7:30 a.m. The only people with “abs” on this ship are the Amsterdam Singers and Dancers, and they move so fast you have to use your imagination.  Their stage production, “Northern Lights” was on tonight, and it was wonderful. It was so good, I saw the 8:00 and the 10:00 pm show. So here we are, this giant floating dining room offering Bocce Ball and Ping Pong. Does anyone really think Bocce Ball and Ping Pong will produce “Fab Abs?” So I did five miles of walking in Sitka yesterday, and today 2 on land (Ketchikan) and 3 on treadmill. Does that mean “abs”? No. It means sore feet.

Back in the heart of the Tongas Rain Forest. It rained when I was here last September, but today there was a break. The ceiling actually lifted enough to see snow in on the mountain tops just outside of town. Ketchikan is all about fishing and logging, art and aviation. If you don’t do those things, there’s not much to do here except watch. Maybe that’s why the ship was only here from 7:00 am till 12:30. There were three other ship in port here along with the Amsterdam, and it makes quite a sight with these floating cities all parked along the pier. The big “side walk” sale took place today. My sister would have loved it. It looked like a lot of junk to me, and on this ship there were a lot of Russian trinkets. I wondered if Putin thinks this will keep his Russian economy afloat. I still think he may be after Alaska next when he’s finished with Ukraine and Lithuania. Cinderella was the movie today. I think it lured some of the kids out of the pool.

Finally tonight, the sunset was as beautiful as anything we’ve seen this week. Somehow fire and water can put on a great show when you put them together.

06:12:15 Ketchikan 206:12:15 Ketchikan Ships in Port

06:12:15 Ketchikan Sunset 306:12:15 Ketchikan Sunset 1

Father Tom Boyer