Alaska on the Amsterdam

It’s raining! But then it is a “Rain Forest”. How else would it get that name? Sitting now in the Juneau public Library with free wifi and crew members and passengers all around using up band width, but it’s sure faster than the satellite service on the ship which just about drove me crazy last night trying to post. During breakfast in the Lido, the Oosterdam pulled in, and I see a Carnival ship further down the dock which means about 4000 people wandering around downtown Juneau. However, the rain seems to have discouraged many. I walked up to the Cathedral, and it is quite a hike up a steep hill. Yesterday at Mass I suggested that some might want to pay a visit to the Cathedral which is so simple and tiny that escapes the tour groups unlike other major Capitol cities. The last time I was here I ran into the Bishop of who in the church straightening the hymn books in the pews. I was surprised to see him, and said so. He reminded me of the passage in Luke’s Gospel on the First Day when Mary Magdalene thought Jesus was the gardener.

Not much to take pictures of here on a gloomy wet day. 48 degrees, and at least there is no wind. Just dripping. I took enough pictures the last time around in September of 2013 and they are still be on Facebook if you really want to see something of Juneau. I did take a picture of my favorite entertainment on this ship, the Jazz Trio  in the Ocean Bar. Sebastian is the lead singer and pianist. He is from Madrid, and we talk music fairly often. There is a huge Astrological Clock as Centerpiece of the Atrium that chimes on the hour in typical Dutch fashion where there are so many clocks and bells. So Juneau is behind us now. Other than tourist business in the old downtown area there isn’t much except State Government, and there isn’t much to say about that except that Sara Palin was the Governor. That’s something to think about.

Sitka tomorrow, and that will be a first for me. Last time around the Captain decided to skip that stop because it was too rough. Not likely tomorrow.

06:10:15 Amsterdam Astro Clock Atrium06:10:15 Amsterdam Ocean Bar Trio with Sebastian

Father Tom Boyer